Busy Bag Series 👜: Color Swat

Our latest busy bag activity doubles as a great color recognition gross motor game for little one(s) as well as a color memory game. Bonus: little Mickey & Minnie fans will absolutely love this activity!

I found this awesome free printable from Monorails & Magic that consists of various colors of Minnie/Mickey heads. I printed 2 copies (for the memory game) and laminated them and cut them out. We all know how to play memory, and this is a great way for little ones to have fun matching colors.

Currently we are using just one set of colors for Grace along with a fly swatter (we scored a 2 pack for $1 at our local dollar store) for a gross motor game we call “Color Swat”.

To set up the game we lay all the colors of Minnie/Mickey face up on the Living Room floor, then we ask Grace to swat a specific color. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but Grace loves playing this game…like belly laughs while swatting…she has a blast! So simple.

You could even just put down different colored scrap paper instead of using this printable and trade out a fly swatter for a kitchen spatula. But if you have a Minnie/Mickey lover why not grab this awesome freebie! Plus print two sets and use for a memory game as well! Two games in one! You can download your own copy of the Mickey Colors Memory Game by visiting Monorails & Magic here. Make sure you check out all the other fun stuff they have to offer for the Disney lovers in your life!

To store, we just keep the cards in small zip pouch and added it to our colors Busy Bag along with the fly swatter that we keep stored in our Tot School Cabinet.

Eventually we plan to play the memory game as well but Grace loves swatting the colors so much we’ve just continued to use this awesome freebie for practicing our colors.

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷

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