Hi there! Thanks for stopping by…Grace and I are so glad you are here!

I’m Caroline, Mama to Grace, and together we are EVERYDAY a little Grace. We started Tot Schooling when Grace was 14 months old, and shortly after I created a blog detailing our Tot School adventures. That blog has now turned into a wonderful new venture in the form of an Etsy Shop.

We believe in play based learning, and as I was searching for a creative outlet I could manage along with a busy toddler, I started to design some play based Tot School plans, and early learning activities with Grace in mind. I wanted a cohesive collection of preschool basics (letters, numbers, shapes, and colors) for Grace to use and resources that could be used in a variety of different ways and grow right along with her.

So far, Grace is obsessed! Every item that is listed in my shop, Grace has used and still uses on a daily basis. She heads up the R & D department around here. And she has already picked up on some concepts I was unaware she was ready to learn.

Life with littles can be hectic at times, and while I enjoy planning different themed units for Grace to enjoy when able, I love having simple grab and go educational activities that can supplement current themes, or simply stand on their own. And most importantly Grace enjoys them too.

Our wish at EVERYDAY a little Grace is that you will find the tools you need either by following activities in our blog or through the use of items in our shop to help you spend more time with your little one(s) and take the stress out of finding and planning some of those early learning activities.

My personal wish is that one day Grace will look back and see all the fun we had together while she was learning new things, and that her love for learning never ceases. So take a look around and enjoy the adventures this Mama is having raising Grace!

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