MINI Valentines Play Dough Mats, perfect for class parties and more!
Behavior Tracker & Rewards Jar, Calm Down Cards (Infinity Breathing Board, Rainbow Breathing, Affirmations, & 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Activity)
Alphabet Flash Cards, Letter Mats, Alphabet What Comes Next, Upper & Lowercase Letter Match, Beginning Letter Sound Match, Alphabet Poster
Fish Bowl Counting, Numbers What Comes Next?, Numbers Poster, Number Flash Cards, Number Mats, & Clip Cards
Shape Cookie Match, Shape Flash Cards, Shape Say’s Gross Motor Game, Shapes Poster, Shapes Mats, Shape Clip Cards, & Shape Patterns
Colors Flash Cards, Color Sorting Train, Colors Clip Cards, Color Matching Game, The Science of Colors, Colors Poster
Space Mats & Spare Parts, Solar System Number Match, Space Flash Cards, Moon Phase Flash Cards, Phases of the Moon
Water Cycle Poster & Matching, Weather Themed Activities Booklet, Weather Station, & Weather Flash Cards
Nature Scavenger Hunt, Nature Color Wheel, Nature Study Cards, & Garden Mats & Spare Parts
Parts of the Body Cards (Revealed by Light), The Five Senses Card Set, Opposite Cards (Revealed by Light), Tell Me a Story Cards, Keeping Time Cards (Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Seasons, & Learning Clock), & Emotions Card Set
Pen Control Cards to Strengthen Early Handwriting Skills
Dice Games Card Set, Printable Early Learning Board Game (Learn Shapes, Colors, & Subitizing), & Early Math Card Set
Beat the Boredom with 16 Travel Friendly Games in our Stay Busy Card Set
21 listings from the shop bundled into one great price. 199 total pages covering the basics: the alphabet, numbers, shapes, & colors + bonus emotions card set.
5 listing from the shop bundled into one great price. 66 total pages covering the basics: letters, numbers, shapes, & colors + our Flashlight Opposite Cards
First & Last Day of School Signs
Autumn Booklet containing book & media lists, real world experience ideas, 10 fall themed activities & instructions, a simple recipe the whole family will enjoy, and an Autumn Scavenger Hunt
MINI Play Dough Mats (perfect for gift giving) & Halloween Activity Pack (includes: Halloween Cookie Match, Flashlight Seek & Find, Jack-O-Lantern Play Dough Mat, Trick or Treat Roll & Cover, & Halloween Memory Game)
Thankful Tree Printable
MINI Play Dough Mats (perfect for gift giving), Kindness Advent Cards, Letter to Santa, & Christmas Activity Pack (Ornament Roll & Cover, Snow Globe Counting Practice, Christmas Cookie Match, Gingerbread Play Dough Mat, & Letter to Santa)
We love getting sweet messages just like this one from our customers!
We do vendor events featuring handmade play dough & sidewalk chalk!
Our “Doughnuts” are super squish-able and pair perfectly with most items in our Etsy Shop. We even offer bags of “Doughnut Holes” featuring a sample of each one of our handmade play dough colors.
Our “Chalk Pops” are perfect for little hands with their popsicle stick handle. They draw smoothly and the color is super vibrant on sidewalks and driveways.

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