Busy Bag Series 👜: Magnetic ABC Match

We’ve got another letter themed busy bag activity for you this week: Magnetic Letter Match. All you need for this activity is this awesome ABC printable we found, a cookie sheet, and magnetic letters. We grabbed our set of magnetic letters in Bullseye’s Playground / Dollar Spot at Target a while back for $1. I also like to keep a dollar store cookie sheet handy for multiple projects not just this particular activity.

Our $1 Set of Magnets

We simply printed off the activity, laminated it for durability, and set the laminated printable on our cookie sheet. I then grabbed our magnetic letters, placed them in a bowl, and showed Grace once or twice what to do, and off she went matching the magnetic letters to the letters on the printable.

How we set up the activity.

This activity is not only a great busy activity that helps with letter recognition, but also aids those fine motor skills. We use this activity frequently at the kitchen island while this Mama is cooking meals. It keeps Grace entertained, and bonus: she’s learning to recognize letters too! Also, the mystery of magnets really intrigues Grace, so she sticks with this activity for a good while.

Grace matching her ABC’s.

We store this activity in a zip closure bag we scored in the office supply section at our local dollar store. The printable fits perfectly inside the bag, and we keep the pieces in a smaller zip bag along with the printable so we can grab the Magnetic ABC Match game easily from our larger letters busy bag stored in our Tot School Cabinet.

We keep all the pieces together in a labeled zip closure bag.

You can just as easily write the letters yourself on a sheet of paper if you don’t want to use the printable we have showcased, but it’s FREE and it’s already made for use! Make sure you go here to grab this freebie, as there are other activities included. Take a look around Kelly’s blog Typically Simple and see all the fun ideas and activities they have to offer while you are there!

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷