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Busy Bag Series👜: Popsicle Stick Shape Puzzles

Here’s a busy bag activity you can add to your shapes collection. All you need to make this simple activity are some large popsicle sticks and markers!

Shapes on one side, names on the other.

Start by taking 4 or more large popsicle sticks and lining them up so that the sides are even. Then trace or draw a shape in any color you want and fill it in on the front side of the sticks. We added the name of the shape to the back of each stick to keep them more organized. Continue doing this for as many shapes as you want. You now have a set of popsicle Stick Shape puzzles for your little one to play with! You can draw each shape in a different color like we did or use the same color it’s all up to you! Don’t have popsicle sticks? No problem! You can achieve the same concept by drawing shapes on a piece of paper and cutting them into strips. You might want to laminate them if you go the paper route for extra durability though.

Grace Playing with Popsicle Stick Shape Puzzles

Grace loves this busy activity. I think it has more to do with how she can hold the sticks in her hand at this point, but hey at least she asks to play with this game! At this point in time I do have to somewhat assemble the puzzle and she finishes it off, but we have actually used this game in several different ways. I can ask her to collect a certain color since I chose to use different colors for each shape, and I can preassemble the puzzles and ask her to point out specific shapes as well.

Grace identifying different colors.

We store our popsicle stick shape puzzles in a zippered bag and keep them in our shapes busy bag in our Tot School Cabinet with all our other shapes activities. This is a great take a long activity as well that can easily occupy little one(s) at restaurants and at the doctor’s office. Just throw in your bag a go!

Ready to go!

Such a fun way to learn shapes and colors and work on those fine motor skills!

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷

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