Busy Bag Series πŸ‘œ: Duck Pond Counting

It’s time for a new Busy Bag idea! This awesome counting game came from a Ashley Reed at Just Reed & Play. She designed it to be used as a morning tub for preschool classrooms, but we decided to use it as a busy bag for Grace.

Laminated Duck Ponds from Just Reed & Play.

This particular freebie contains several different morning tub ideas, but the Duck Ponds are what we chose to use. We just simply printed out the freebie, laminated it, cut out the different numbered ponds, and grabbed some rubber ducks from our local dollar tree (we were able to purchase 3 ducks for $1 so we bought 2 sets).

Counting ducks and placing them on the numbered ponds.

The idea is to place the number of ducks on the corresponding ponds. Simple and fun! Grace is just starting to count so we chose 1-3 to start with and Mama did have to help her, but Grace loved playing with the ducks in the “wa wa” and counting the ducks as well. This game held Grace’s attention for a while and she asks for it still from time to time. When we aren’t using this game we just place all the ponds and the 6 ducks in a zip closure bag we also snagged from our local dollar store, and place it in our “Numbers” busy bag in our Tot School cabinet

Duck Pond Counting Busy Bag

If you want your own copy of this awesome free duck counting game you can find it by visiting Ashley Reed’s blog at Just Reed & Play. Make sure you look around a bit at all the awesome content Ashley has to offer!

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷

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