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Tot School / Week 29: Rectangle Shapes πŸ’΅

We are finishing out our shape themes for our latest week of Tot School and our next week as well, so instead of focusing on each for two weeks at a time, we are knocking each one out in one week. This week was all about Rectangles.

Books of the Week

We started out our week with the very familiar book at this point Circle Rolls by Barbara Kanninen and Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh. If you’ve been following along with our previous weeks you already know how much we have enjoyed Circle Rolls for learning our shapes. We ventured to our local library for our other shape book of the week. Mouse Shapes is a really cute story about mice running away from a cat and hiding in a pile of shapes and end up making various items out of those shapes. This book was great for showing Grace that we can find shapes in everyday objects.

In addition to our books of the week, we danced all week long to Story Bots’ Shapes YouTube videos. Grace really loves Story Bots and you can also find these videos on Netflix and their album on Amazon Prime Music.

Rectangle Sensory Bin

Our first activity of the week was a sensory bin full of all things in a rectangle shape including play money, flashcards, puzzle pieces, toys, and a small container. Grace was able to play with this bin throughout the week as it was placed in a prominent spot in the living room or in her room for her to explore.

Rectangle Stamping

Our next activity for our rectangle themed week was rectangle stamping. We have done this activity for all of our shape themes and Grace loves to stamp her shapes! I just placed a piece of cardboard down to cover our workspace, then place a piece of white card stock on top. I set out a paper plate with some Crayola Kid’s Paint, gave Grace some rectangle shaped Mega Blocks that were in our sensory bin for the week, and let her do her thing. Even after her rectangle painting is finished, she continues to stamp on the card board until her fingers are too messy and she wants me to clean her up!

Finished Rectangle Stamped Painting

Once her painting has dried we placed it on the refrigerator so she could see it the rest of the week. We will be adding this painting to her colors and shapes reference binder for us to use later!

Rectangle Mega Block Building

Next up we used our rectangle shaped mega blocks for a little building time. Grace has had her Mega Blocks for a while now, and until recently only really liked to take apart Mommy and Daddy’s tower creations. She now can stack the blocks herself so that’s exactly what she did for this activity. She stacked several different towers and pulled them apart and started all over again. I could also ask Grace to hand me or show me a specific color rectangle and she could do that as well!

Glow Stick Rectangle

Glow Stick triangles was a big hit so we used our remaining glow sticks to create a rectangle this time. Grace wasn’t as interested in playing with the actual glow sticks this time around, as she was playing with some finger puppets she has been in love with recently, Rudolph to be exact. So I simply asked her to put Rudolph in the rectangle while she was across the room, and all of a sudden she lit up and carried her Rudolph finger puppet over to the rectangle and placed him inside. We continued doing this for other objects in her room until she lost interest. This is a great example of how easy it is to adjust an activity to meet your child’s interest. I just had to tweak what I was asking her to do for her to become more interested in this activity.

Rectangle City

Our next activity for our rectangle themed week was making a rectangle city on the back door. Similar to our Triangle Forest, I just cut some rectangle shapes from various colors of card stock (use what you have, I just have lots of card stock) and drew rectangle doors and windows on them. I then taped up a piece of clear contact paper on our back door sticky side out, and placed all the rectangle shapes in a container next to the door for Grace to grab and place on the contact paper. She was so proud of her Rectangle city as you can see in the photo above…Mama’s little architect!

Our last activity for our Rectangle themed week was a big first in our house! We introduced Grace to Play-Doh. Recently I was able to snag this super cute Play-Doh Shapes Set from Aldi (of all places) already at a reduced price and on clearance! It included multiple one ounce containers of Play-Doh as well as several shape cutters, rolling pin, and play Mats. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be the perfect addition to our shape themed Tot School lessons and a great way to introduce Grace to the exciting world of Play-Doh. This Mama has lots of plans for Play-Doh use in the future so be on the look out for all the fun. We kept it simple and just focused on the rectangle shape (although Mama was itching to play with it all) so I just chose one color to use with the rectangle shape cutter as well. I grabbed a tray and placed out the Play-Doh I had already rolled out and the rectangle shape cutter for Grace to use. She was immediately interested and went right for the cutter, but was unable to actually cut through the Play-Doh by herself. So Mama handled the shape cutting and wouldn’t you know, Grace thought it was a puzzle and began putting the rectangle shaped cut outs back in the spaces they came from! She did this for a while and then I rolled out some sides of a rectangle and put it together and she played with that before I made small balls of Play-Doh and Grace immediately started putting them in the rectangle shape cutter as if it were a basket. So Mama made a handle for her basket and she would fill it up then dump it out and continued doing this for a good while! Grace played with Play-Doh for a long time, and finally tried squishing and tearing it towards the end…she wasn’t quite sure of the texture yet but I’m sure with more play time with Play-Doh in the future she will learn to love it!

Grace Made Rectangle Bath

Well our Play-Doh Shapes Set WAS supposed to be our last activity but Grace had other plans! Do y’all remember our farm animal bath from our last theme? Well Grace clearly did and she decided she wanted a rectangle bath to go along with our theme for this particular week. While I was running her bath water our little stinker began bringing in all her rectangle shaped Mega Blocks and throwing them in the bath. Now how is this Mama supposed to say no to another rectangle activity? So a rectangle bath we had! Well played Grace…well played.

So that was our rectangle themed week! We had a blast making cities, building towers, painting, shape cutting with Play-Doh, and our unexpected rectangle bath this week! πŸ’΅ Next week we will work on our last shape theme for a while!

If you’d like to see a sample of how I plan out themes for a week check out the Tot School Schedule 🍍 page!

You can also see a list of this year’s themes on the Tot School Themes β˜‚οΈ page!

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷

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