Tot School / Week 22: Square Shapes ◼️

Our 22nd week of Tot School was all about Squares! We continued working on our shape themes with Grace, here is all the fun we had this week.

Books of the Week and Square Sensory Bin

We started our week off with the books the Perfect Square by Michael Hall, and our Circle Rolls Book from our previous Tot School circle theme, which of course has multiple shapes throughout. We have loved other books by Michael Hall and this one is no different. We scored this copy at our local library! The book itself is a square shape, and starts off with a square illustration, then continues with the square being torn into pieces and made into different things throughout the book. This book is very colorful and imaginative and we definitely plan on using this book again in the future.

We also danced to Story Bots’ Shapes videos on YouTube throughout the week as well as Pancake Manor’s Shapes YouTube video.

Our first activity for the week was a sensory bin full of all sorts of square shapes found throughout our house and in Grace’s toy collection. We played with this bin all week long!

Square Stamping

For our next activity, we took some of our square items from our sensory bin and used them for square stamping! I just grabbed a piece of white card stock and placed it on a larger piece of white coated card board (just to protect the surface), then placed a paper plate with some red Crayola Kid’s Paint next to the card stock, handed Grace the square shaped items she could stamp with, and off she went.

Finished Square Stamping Painting

This is the third shape stamping activity we’ve done, and we plan to do this for all our shape themes in the future as well, and I’ll be adding all of Grace’s shape paintings into the binder we started with all her color paintings for reference.

Stacking Squares

Our next activity for our square themed week was also a repeat from another theme…stacking square shaped boxes. We used this Melissa and Doug set for our color review week, as it has all the colors we have done so far, but also includes various different shapes on each of the stacking boxes as well. Grace loved this set so much and we have used it multiple times just for fun as well. For our purposes this week, each box is a square but we can point out different colored boxes, as well as some other familiar shapes. Grace loved to stack and then of course knock her tower of squares down again and again!

Bath with Squares

Our next activity was a bath with Squares! Grace currently can’t get enough of using her bath stacking cups to gather and pour water during every bath. Since this week’s theme was Squares, I just grabbed some square shape Tupperware I had in the cabinet with their lids and tossed them into the bath for her to fill and pour with instead. She did just that! Additionally we could work on some more color recognition by asking Grace to find the blue square or the red square etc. Miss Grace was all smiles for a bath with Squares!

Popsicle Stick Squares

Our last activity of the week was making square shapes out of popsicle sticks. Mommy definitely made more square shapes than Grace, but that’s ok! We’ve introduced popsicle sticks and the concept of making shapes with lines here. We still played a good while with the sticks, and Grace was really into sorting her sticks by colors! We will revisit this activity in the future for sure!

Another week has come to an end! We had lots of fun learning about Squares this week! ◼️ We are off to the beach for Grace’s first family vacation and taking Tot School on the road! Can you guess next week’s theme?

If you’d like to see a sample of how I plan out themes for a week check out the Tot School Schedule 🍍 page!

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