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Tot School / Week 21: Circle Shapes 🔵

We continued learning about shapes for our latest theme and focused on Circles for our 21st week of Tot School!

Our Book of the Week

Our book for the week was Circle Rolls by Barbara Kanninen. We ordered this book off of Amazon for around $12. Unfortunately, our amazon order was delayed and we didn’t get to start our week off reading our book like we usually do, but we did read some other favorites while waiting for it to arrive. When our book was finally delivered we immediately sat down to read it and I think it was worth the wait. Although titled, Circle Rolls, it actually tells a story about a lot of different shapes by using their characteristics, like a rolling circle and a triangle’s point, and the octagon even yells “STOP!” Such a really cool way to explain shapes to little minds. Grace loved this book and enjoyed pointing out all the different shapes throughout the story so we will probably continue reading it throughout our shape themed weeks to come.

We also danced to StoryBots’ Shapes YouTube video as well as Pancake Manor’s Shapes YouTube video all week long! Grace absolutely loves the StoryBots’ Shapes video, and while we used YouTube to view it, Netflix actually has it as well!

Circle Sensory Bin

Our first activity for the week was a circle themed sensory bin. I grabbed all sorts of items from Grace’s toy collection and from around the house and tossed everything into our small storage bin. Grace loved playing with all the circle items all week long and loved seeing which ones she could wear as a bracelet and put on her feet.

Gathering Circle Sticky Notes

Our next activity for our circle themed week was another sticky note activity. I found circle shaped sticky notes at our local dollar store and stuck them to some doors and walls in our dining room for Grace to collect in a basket. She loves collecting items in a handled basket lately so I expected her to really enjoy this activity. Simple to set up and very similar to our star sticky note activity from last week, but I tweaked it so she was collecting the sticky notes instead of placing them herself. I definitely over did it when it came to putting the notes up. Grace did collect some of the circles but did not collect all of them, and she rather quickly went on to something else. Ha! I guess it’s way more fun for Grace to stick them up than it is to take them down!

Stacking Circle Shaped Rings

For our next activity I used a toy we already had, one Grace has played with for a good while, and that was our Fisher Price stacking rings. I just brought it into the living room, and dumped the rings off the stand and let her stack them, take them off, and stack again until she was ready to move on. This is a pretty easy activity for Grace as she has been able to stack these rings for a while now. So I would ask her for certain colored circles while she was doing this just to drive home colors and that the rings were circle shaped.

Grace’s Circle Bath

We had a water activity, something we didn’t get to do last week, for our circle themed week as well. A circle bath! We have these awesome anti slip circles that stick to the bottom of the tub already, and I added a round pool float, some dive rings, and sliced off a bunch of foam pieces from pool noodles I had too. Grace loved playing with the noodle slices and recognized the float and dive rings from going to the pool, so she kept saying “pool” the whole time she was in the tub! Again I would ask her to hand me specific colored circles and she would do just that. She played in her circle bath until the water was almost cold and she was all pruned up!

Circle Stamping

Our last activity for our circle theme was circle stamping. I just grabbed a few items from her circle themed sensory bin, grabbed our orange Crayola Kid’s Paint, placed some paint on a paper plate, set out a piece of white card stock on a larger piece of coated card board to protect our surface, and let her do her thing. Grace knew just what to do since we did this same activity last week. After she was done stamping I let her painting dry then hung it on our refrigerator. Apparently we were having a little too much fun with this activity and I completely forgot to take a picture of her while she was stamping…ah mom brain! One of the items we used to stamp with would make a bubble on the paper and Grace loved popping it and exclaiming “Bubble!”, so it was a little messier than our star stamping activity the previous week. However, clean up is amazing with this paint. Baby wipes is all it took to get the paint off the toys she used to stamp with and all the paint that got on Grace’s hands, her smock, and our work surface. She is becoming really proud of her work and loves to show off her paintings. I can’t wait to add this to her binder with all the other shapes and colors she’s painted!

That’s a wrap for circles! Grace did say “circle” once but has yet to say it again, although I’m sure she will start to do so at some point soon. She’s been spitting out more and more words recently which is absolutely amazing in itself. Regardless when asked to point to a circle in our book of the week she can, and she can point to a circle amid other shapes as well, so our foundation for circles is there! 🔵

If you’d like to see a sample of how I plan out themes for a week check out the Tot School Schedule 🍍 page!

You can also see a list of this year’s themes on the Tot School Themes ☂️ page!

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷

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