Tot School / Week 7: The Color Blue πŸ’™

This week’s Tot School theme is The Color Blue! It was an exciting week for Grace since I’m pretty sure Blue is probably one of her favorite colors. I say this because she will generally pick a blue item over another color if given the choice.

Blue Sensory Bin, Texture Card, & Books for the Week

Our books for the week were Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and another Laura Vaccaro Seeger book, Blue. Ms. Seeger’s books are beautiful, and unlike her Green book from the week before, Blue tells an amazing story with very little words and gorgeous illustration! I may have cried after understanding the story. When do those hormones simmer down again?

Like our previous color themes weeks, I also had a color texture card made from leftover craft supplies for Grace to feel during our Blue week. And we danced to Pancake Manor’s Blue YouTube video and StoryBot’s Blue YouTube video throughout the week too.

Our first activity was a blue color sensory bin thrown together from her toys and items around our house. Grace played with this bin on a daily basis.

Blue Mason Jar Ziplock Painting

Our next activity for our blue theme was Ziplock Painting a Mason Jar. Mason Jars are one of my favorite things, so that was totally a “mama wants a picture you painted of one” kind of moment…totally selfish I know ha! I drew a Mason Jar with a sharpie on some card stock, placed it in a gallon size Ziplock bag, dropped some blue paint inside, sealed the bag and Grace squished and pushed the paint around till it was covered. Mess free fun for Grace and now I have a Mason Jar she painted!

Feeding Cookie Monster Blue Cookies

Grace’s next activity took a little more prep before hand, but I loved the results and we have a fun little game that we can tweak for the future! I drew, cut, and pasted together a Cookie Monster face with the mouth cut out and attached to an empty wipes container. I left the lid on the container but took off the flap that opens before I attached Cookie’s face. I then made “cookies” out of cardboard by tracing circles and cutting them out, then glued blue paper on them for icing and made sprinkles with a blue marker. The activity itself is much more simple. Grace feed Cookie Monster Blue cookies! She is really into Sesame Street so she instantly recognized Cookie’s face and had a blast “feeding” him cookies and taking them back out and starting over again. I plan to use this activity in the future for math building skills and maybe make some different color cookies for color recognition when the time comes.

Blue Foam Sensory Bin

The next day we had a blue foam sensory bin! Not going to lie, I had somewhat of a different plan for this activity. Things don’t always work out and sometimes it’s for the best! Originally I was going to buy Mr. Bubbles Blue Foam and make blue colored Ice cubes for her to dig out. However, I never made it to the store to buy the blue foam, nor did I remember to make the ice cubes! So after a quick Pinterest search, I found a recipe for colored foam with items I already had at home. It was 3 ingredients…2 tablespoons of dish soap, 2/3 cup of warm water, and a couple drops of food coloring. You just beat them all together with a hand held mixer (or stand mixer) for 2 minutes or until it forms stiff peaks. I added water safe items from her blue sensory bin, and amazingly we had foam for a good while! Pinterest for the win! Grace loved it, and dug and dug for all her blue things. She even tried to eat the foam at one point…that was fun ha! Best part about this activity, although it is a little messy…it’s almost like a second bath for the day with all that soap!

Blue Sensory Bath

Our last activity for the week was our traditional end of a color theme…a blue color sensory bath! We added Crayola Bath Drops to turn her bath water blue and added all those bath water safe toys from her color sensory bin. Cookie Monster and Grover even joined in on the fun! Have I mentioned how much Grace loves water…crocodile tears happen at the end of every bath time! If she could live in water she would!

Blue week was a huge success! πŸ’™

If you’d like to see a sample of how I plan out themes for a week check out the Tot School Schedule 🍍 page!

You can also check out a list of this year’s themes on the Tot School Themes β˜‚οΈ

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷

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