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Tot School / Week 4: Spring 🌷

Week four of Tot School is all about Spring! The first day of Spring officially started on the Wednesday of this week so this is our introduction to this beautiful season!

Spring Sensory Umbrella & Books of the Week

Instead of a sensory bin, I made a sensory umbrella to shake things up a bit. I used a colorful umbrella I already had and hung flowers, deco mesh, foam leaves, and leaf battery operated lights (all found at a dollar store) from the under side! Grace really enjoyed being able to crawl under and explore all the hanging items from the umbrella. Our books we read daily for the week were Honey Rabbit (a book from my childhood collection) and It’s Spring!

We also danced to Pancake Manor’s Seasons video on YouTube, and watched the movie Curios George Swings into Spring all week long.

Vegetable Garden Play Mat with Felt Vegetables

Our next activity for the week was playing with an adorable vegetable garden play mat that attaches to a normal sized chair that I found at Target, along with felt vegetables also found at Target. Not pictured is a little felt grocery bag that I keep all the vegetables in. Grace especially likes placing all the vegetables in the bag, dumping them out, then putting them all back in the bag. It’s a great quiet time activity when mommy needs to shower!

Planting Flowers Sensory Bin

The next day we planted flowers! I used a small bin and filled it with dried black beans for our dirt. I used some of the dollar store flowers I had from the sensory umbrella and some small cardboard like garden pots and added some measuring spoons and cups for her to dig and sort with.

Flower Planting & Playing in the “Dirt”

Originally we started this activity at the kitchen island, but as Grace got into to it, I realized we needed to move to the floor so she could really dig and get down to business. Black beans definitely make a mess, but nothing a broom won’t fix up fast. Also, I have mentioned before Grace still likes to put things in her mouth. She did try a couple of times in the beginning to put beans in her mouth and I would pull her hand away and say we can’t eat this and she didn’t try again. We have since used black beans for another activity and she hasn’t even tried to eat them. Just watch your child carefully. All activities we are doing should be supervised, and you know you child and their limits better than anyone else!

Rain Drops & Clouds

Our next activity for our Spring themed week was playing with rain clouds and rain drops on our front door. It just so happened to be cloudy with a few showers that day. What perfect timing! I had cut out clouds and rain drops from craft foam, set out a dish with water (foam sticks to glass when wet) and she knew just what to do from our previous apple picking activity. The container I used for the water was deep enough that I added a drain strainer that could be used to make “rain showers”. However, she was mostly interested in just placing the clouds and rain drops on the door.

Tulip Sun Catcher Process

For our last activity of the week we made another sun catcher out of tissue paper and contact paper for the back door. I drew an outline of a tulip on the clear contact paper then pulled the top half of the backing off and cut it since there are two separate colored sections we were working with. I taped the contact paper down sticky side up and had a plate with pink tissue paper squares for Grace to put on the top half (the flower). Once that was covered I removed the bottom half of the backing, switched out the pink tissue paper squares with green and let her place them on the stem outline (the bottom half). Once she was done I placed another piece of contact paper sticky side down on top of her masterpiece to create a seal. I then cut around the sharpie outline I had drawn and taped it to our back glass door. I just love how these sun catchers look with all the different shades from the tissue paper layers!

Tulip Sun Catcher Finished

We hope everyone had a beautiful start to Spring! I know we did! 🌷

If you’d like to see a sample of how I plan out themes for a week check out the Tot School Schedule 🍍 page!

You can also check out a list of this year’s themes on the Tot School Themes ☂️ page!

EVERYDAY a little Grace 🌷

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