Tot School

The adventure begins…

And so it begins! The first official blog post of Everyday a Little Grace! My name is Caroline and I am a first time mama to an amazing little girl. I’ve been sharing some activities I’ve been doing with my daughter on social media with family and friends and several have suggested starting a blog, so I did! What have we been up to? Tot School! Here is how we got started…

This past February after much research and Pinterest browsing, I put a basic plan in place to start a super simple at home preschool for our 14 month old. My reasoning had several components.

First, I wanted a way to be intentional with the time I spent with my daughter every day, not just going through our everyday routines.

Second, I wanted to give her a foundation to love learning and exploring from the very beginning, so hopefully that love will stay with her the rest of her life.

Third, I wanted something simple, that wasn’t too time consuming (because what new mom has time for one more thing added to her plate), that was also low cost as well.

Lastly, I was (and still am) very interested in homeschooling our daughter and thought what better way to find out if that path was doable for both of us than to try now.

Through all the late night research I finally settled on what many have already termed “Tot School” and started making a list of supplies (most of which I had on hand) and came up with a weekly plan to start tackling some basic concepts, like colors, holidays, shapes, etc. with my daughter.

I bought a simple weekly planner to jot all the themes and activities down to keep us organized and on track, purchased minimal supplies (mostly from a dollar store) and we began our adventure into Tot School. You can see a sample of what our weekly schedule looks like as well as a sample supply list on our Tot School Schedule 🍍 page.

In addition to our activities, it was really important to me that we had a book to read for each of our themes. We read our book for the week everyday, so that the book is the one constant with all the different activities we do. I like to think of it as our anchor, something that ties it all together. And thanks to our local library, we’ve only had to purchase one book so far.

Additionally, there are some great kid friendly songs about colors and other topics on YouTube. Our daughter loves to dance, so music was another no brainer learning tool I just had to incorporate. Our current favorite YouTube channels are Pancake Manor and StoryBots!

We have been doing this every week for nine weeks now, and our experience has been amazing! Grace has enjoyed almost every activity we have done. I have been amazed at her capabilities and in awe of seeing her recognize a lot of the colors and objects we have been learning so far. It’s so much fun to ask her where the yellow bee is or have her repeat a word, etc and see her point to those items.

So this is where we are and I’m so happy we can share it with you all! Look for a new post each week, and follow along with us if you’d like!

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